It is important to have a properly weighted base for your umbrella. When selecting an umbrella base, it is important to think of how you are using the umbrella – will it be used in a table or freestanding, as well as the conditions – elevation, wind, a location on the ocean or lake? When in doubt, get a heavier base as it will help keep your umbrella standing tall. We offer bases to accommodate most settings. Plastic, Concrete, Resin, Fiberglass and Steel are common materials and weights range from 25lbs to 175lbs. Prices range from $33 to $549. Refer to our Base Sizing Chart for specs and recommended weight.

The above chart provides recommended base weights by style and application(in table or freestanding). Umbrellas must be secured in bases equal to or greater than the recommended weights above for warranty to apply. Failure to support umbrella properly may void warranty. Umbrellas should be taken down when winds reach unsafe conditions.